Joan Gaspart: "Mbappé has already signed for Real Madrid, I know Florentino and I'm sure"

In an interview with MARCA, the former president of Barcelona, Joan Gaspart, gave his opinion on the possible move of Kylian Mbappé from PSG to Real Madrid, and also on the Ousmane Dembélé case.

About Dembélé, Gaspart did not regret that he has not left (it was said that he had an agreement with PSG), and said that “while Dembélé is at Barça he has to play. We are not here to give educational lessons and he is going to play the same way. Having him and him not playing would be a mistake". 

Regarding the future of Mbappé, Gaspart was more forceful: «I'm going to give you the exclusive. Kylian has already signed for Real Madrid, I'm sure. I know Florentino and I'm sure." 

As always, it must be remembered that the media such as Le Parisien have spoken of renewing Mbappé with PSG in the short term, and the player himself declared that he will make his decision at the end of the season.

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