Lack of inventory, the reason why PSG play with an alternative shirt at home

This season, PSG often play in their third jersey at the Parc des Princes rather than their home jersey, especially in recent weeks. But it is not a question of marketing, but of inventory. 

According to information from the CulturePSG portal, the Parisian team often plays at home with an alternative shirt due to lack of inventory: "PSG receives a certain number of home shirts provided by its equipment supplier for each year and would have already consumed them in to a large extent since the beginning of the season", says the aforementioned medium. 

Either way, Nike and Jordan would be scrambling to provide additional home jerseys and not run into shortages before the 2021/22 season ends. Although the argument of a promotion linked to the marketing strategy has been mentioned by some to justify this use of the third shirt in the Parc des Princes, according to CulturePSG, there is absolutely none. 

Therefore, to see Paris Saint-Germain wear their home jersey, we will have to wait for the end of the season, or the Champions League.

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