RMC: Negotiations continue and PSG are confident they can extend Mbappe's contract

On February 6, after beating Lille, Kylian Mbappé stopped to speak before the microphones of Prime Sport Video, where he took the time to give a brief update on his future. Bondy's native attacker again made it clear that he has not made the decision yet. 

«If the decision about my future is made? No. Playing against Real (Madrid) changes a lot of things. Even though I am free to do what I want. Right now I'm not going to go talk to the opponent or do that kind of thing", Mbappe said. 

Well, according to RMC Sport, PSG have not been surprised at all by the statements of their young striker. The aforementioned medium details that the negotiations between both parties for a possible contract extension are still ongoing, and neither the player nor his entourage have terminated the discussions. 

As the radio explains; "PSG is confident that it has the means to convince Kylian Mbappé to extend his contract making him the highest paid player in the squad, ensuring him the most ambitious sports project and a prominent place in said project around a short-term contract. A year or two, which would allow Paris to be able to dream of fielding their Neymar-Messi-Mbappé trio for a little over a season".


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