The PSG Ultras explode eight days after receiving Madrid: "We no longer recognize this club"

The Collectif Ultras Paris published an incendiary press release on Monday to express its discontent against the PSG board and players. The Parisian ultras denounce the management of their club and "sound the alarm" eight days before the clash against Real Madrid, in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. 

The Collectif Ultras Paris gave a great diatribe this Monday night on social networks. The day after PSG's victory in Lille, at the end of matchday 23 of Ligue 1 (1-5), the regulars in the Virage Auteuil stands dropped a 'bombshell'. In his sights: the board but also the players of the Parisian team. 

"For too long the club has offered us a face that we no longer support. The face of a club that accumulates stars and treats them like spoiled children, without paying attention to sports consistency. The face of a club that dreams so big that it gives the impression that the season starts in February and that it disregards national trophies. We no longer recognize this club. Today, our patience has reached its limit!", the statement read. 

Later, the text criticizes the "incomprehensible sports management", pointing out "the incessant changes of coach, players for whom football no longer seems to be a real priority", "the management of young people, the treatment of the women's team" and "the various privileges" granted to certain stars. 

A missile launched eight days before the clash against Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the Champions League: "We have always offered our unwavering support despite the immense disappointments. Today we sound the alarm. Players, coaches, it is time to react or we will continue to face unacceptable disappointment. Respect us, respect our colors", concluded the Ultras through their statement.

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