The Super League project will be relaunched this week, Telegraph reports

After the resounding failure of a few months ago, Juventus, Barça and Real Madrid would relaunch the European Super League this week. 

According to the Telegraph, this week we could see the return of the popular, and highly criticized European Super League. Almost a year after its failed launch, Juventus, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid would be ready to relaunch the project, with very significant changes. 

According to the British media, Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, will be in charge of giving the statement. Telegraph details that among the novelties, it highlights that the clubs will not be permanent in the tournament, and will have to earn their classification according to the local leagues they play, as we already see in current continental competitions. 

Until now, only Juve, Barça and Madrid are the clubs that are still on board of said project, since no Premier League club has spoken again about it, much less Paris Saint-Germain or Bayern München. 

Will the new format of this Super League make a difference, or will they fail again? It will be a matter of time to find out, although the timing is surprising, in the heat of the knockout rounds of this UEFA Champions League.

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