Messi "understands" the boos of the fans and wants to succeed at PSG

After the whistles and boos in PSG's match against Bordeaux, journalists and fans speculated about a possible departure of Lionel Messi from Paris, but that seems a very difficult scenario to present itself.

According to RMC Sport, Lionel Messi's wish is to stay at PSG. The Argentine star would perfectly understand the discontent of the fans after the elimination in the Champions League, and beyond being offended, Leo would want to play as well as possible now that he feels more settled in Paris.

Many fans of the Argentine, and even journalists, decided to criticize PSG, arguing that their fans were "not worthy" of having Messi on their team. Well, it seems that the player himself is far from having that mentality, and more than bothering him, the whistles and boos would have motivated him, according to the information presented by RMC.

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